Green T’s qualities

There is no pair of tea tea to stimulate body and mind. And if it is Green Tea then there will be many benefits besides the spirits, your body. Because of the tastes, many do not like to drink green tea. But due to its various qualities, its popularity and popularity is increasing in our country. Japanese people drink ‘Anti-Aging Drinks’ every day in Green Tea Japan.

Green tea or green tea contains plenty of anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants have many effects on our body.

For example, reducing the risk of heart disease, controlling blood pressure, helping to protect the bones of the body, reduces blood cholesterol levels, increases memory, helps in cancer prevention, and keeps body weight under control.

Caffeine contains 100 mg of different cups of different cups of green tea. So a maximum of five cups of green tea can be consumed every day. However, there may be some harmful effects of caffeine in excess of Green Tea. For example, hunger and constipation etc.

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